Dementia Care Mapping

“Dementia Care Mapping is grounded in the theoretical perspective of a person centered approach to care. Person centered care values all people regardless of age and health status, is individualized, emphasises the perspective of the person with dementia and stresses the importance of relationships.”

- Booker, 2001

Professionalizing dementia care means translating current research into real world situations. For over 20 years, Jentle Harts have been significant figures in creating evidence based, groundbreaking transformations in dementia care teams and their management.

Assessing care from the point of view of the person with dementia, dementia care mapping (DCM) is the first empirical, abilities-oriented method for evaluating and improving the care that is given to persons with dementia in formal care settings, of value to all those concerned with quality assurance. The DCM method was developed by the late Tom Kitwood and is continually being refined with validity and reliability studies by the group Mr. Kitwood founded, the School of Dementia Studies of the University of Bradford, Bradford, England.

Jentle Harts provides the two licensed Lead Trainers for the United States and presently the only two authorized advanced trainers of DCM in the United States:
LaDonna Jensen and Marilyn Hartle.

DCM supplements standard approaches of evaluation which focus mainly on the care structure, documenting detailed observations and recordings in dementia care settings. This results in a dementia care “map” summarizing an overall index of the general quality of care.

In this video, our colleague Paul Edwards gives an excellent overview of this internationally-acclaimed, rigorous empirical method for optimizing your care practices.