CLASSICAL PIANO takes on a traditional approach in material, with an eye to progressive pedagogical methods. While spanning hundreds of years, the piano repertoire is presented as illustrating the thread through different genres and periods of music.

JAZZ PIANO is receiving more and more attention, and is now available in school settings as a regular chapter in general music studies. Jazz ensembles have become increasingly common in middle schools, and even have begun to appear in elementary schools. Most performing arts high schools offer speciality jazz courses to include most with specialized courses in jazz studies, such as combo performance, improvisation, and jazz history.

Jazz music has gradually developed from being a passing trend, but is now affirmed as both a highly expressive style and an appropriate topic for serious study. Performance and recording has helped jazz become recognized as a legitimate art form and strengthened its position in the arts globally.

MUSIC THEORY is the chemistry of music. No musician can understand what they’re playing without a basic knowledge of music theory. For the piano, it’s also called keyboard harmony as it encompasses the following skills:

  • Understanding scales, modes, intervals, chords through ear training
  • Cadences and Progressions
  • Harmonization and reharmonization
  • Modes and Modulation
  • Transposition

Pop/rock piano lessons teach you the skills necessary for surviving in the professional world of contemporary music. He can teach you the skills you need, whatever your musical circumstances, interests, and aspirations. Brian is an experienced live performer, session and studio pianists and keyboardists, and as worked extensively with bands, singer/songwriters, composers and producers.

Keyboard instruments have grown proportionately along with digital technology. Today’s keyboards offer a vast array of sophisticated sounds through digital interfacing with computers providing an ever-expanding sound palette. Brian can help simplify the transitions between standard stand-alone keyboards and powerful computer systems that offer an elaborate canvas of sound orchestration.

Online piano lessons are the ideal solution for students who have busy schedules, or travel frequently. Brian has developed excellent methods for teaching piano lessons over this medium. He has found ideal ways to make the most of the advantages that online piano lessons offer, and overcome the few challenges that this medium presents.